Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Kid is a Fruit

As you know, my kids are "nicknamed" after fruit.

One of my very first posts was about how Momo got her nickname. She carried this nickname since she was little then a few months into my blog it became her only name I used when writing. You see, Momo was a little p.o.'d that I was using her and Mango's "real names" so I had to rethink what I would call them while blogging.Momo was an easy transition for me as I often did call the kid "Momo". Mango, on the other hand, was a bit trickier. For several years, we jokingly called Mango, "Coconut".. .since his head (and hair) looked like a little round coconut. Actually, my hubby HWMNBN used to joke and ask Mango if he wanted to go to the grocery store to visit his cousins in the produce aisle...we're cruel like that.

Anyhow, over time we began to notice that Mango was a little different than the other kids...it wasn't just that he had a head that looked like a coconut, but rather, it was that he was really into showtunes, wearing long flowy wigs on Halloween and would rather act as my personal stylist at Nordstroms than go through a football with HWMNBN.

We recalled an "old" SNL skit of a character named "Mango"
And a new nickname was born.

You see, mango is a type of fruit, and "Mango" IS a fruit...

We've known for years (or at least suspected) that Mango was gay and when he finally came out 4 years ago (at the ripe age of 12), I wanted to throw him a party.

I'm like Kathy Griffin that way...I just love the gays. The whole point of this post is not to out Mango (though he gave me permission to out him on my blog as he's pretty much out in every realm anyway) but rather to say that I am so happy that Mango is my son and not someone else's.

There are so many reasons for this, but a big part is that in our house, his gayness is just one more great thing about him. He is great, cute and gay and we love him.His sexuality will never be an issue, he never has to feel bad or unsure about who is. He can talk about crushes, bring home his boyfriends and paint his nails with Momo. He knows we have his back and that when he grows up, he is going to have the most fabulously gay wedding and we will help him figure out how he can have kids.

Mango is a lucky kid I think...there are a lot out there whose parents aren't like us. We have met them and it breaks my heart.

But before I get too sad, I have to send you off with a little promise. 1. I promise to let you all know how I handled the anal sex question from Momo and 2. I have to tell you how Mango came out...it was FREAKIN' HILARIOUS!

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  1. Both your kids are lucky, you seem like an awesome mom! Can't wait to hear 1&2!

    My older sister is gay, like you said it was always something we all just knew. No big "coming out" story though, she just started living with her GF ;-)


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