Monday, November 1, 2010

As Told By Mango

I just ran across some photos which were taken last year right after Mango had his wisdom teeth pulled.

I did not feel very well today, so Mango (via his post op pictures) is going to help demonstrate what I was going through.

I woke about 20 minutes late this morning and though I was feeling a bit sluggish, I could see the sun coming up, the house was cozy and Charlie (the puppy) was snoring so I was sure I could get a nice shower without interruptions...It appeared to be a good day.
I got through the shower and as I rushed through my morning routine I noticed that I was feeling a bit dizzy.
Despite the ickyness, I drove to work, handed Charlie over to Grandma for the day, drank some tea and tried to get though my morning meeting and a couple of clients. The whole time I felt a bit like I was drunk (I had some serious vertigo accompanied by some nausea).

By the time 11 a.m. rolled around, the nurse who works across from me asked if I was okay "because I was looking a little green". Ughhhh. Luckily my 3rd client of the day was someone I have been seeing for a while so I checked in with him and told him we would have to reschedule. At this point, I hightailed it out of my office.

I don't remember much about the drive home but once I got here, I passed out on the very same couch Mango can be seen on in these pics...and I probably looked just like this...

Then this...

And eventually, after a nice long rest... I was feeling a bit better.
I'm not sure what was ailing me, and I still feel a little icky BUT I have a WHOLE bunch of work to get done before tomorrow so cross your fingers for me that I keep on, keepin' on.

BTW: If you ever see Mango around, please don't tell him about this post. He might disown me.


  1. The pictures illustrate your story well! :-)

  2. I'm glad to see you're back! I will be reading/commenting irregularly till I'm home from my adventure, but I'll catch up. Charlie is adorable!!! Well, OK, so are the kids! ;D


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