Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Woke up at 6am this morning thanks to my little nightmare, Charlie.Being that he looks like a stuffed animal and acts like a baby, for Halloween Charlie is planning to dress up as a real dog...

As for the weirdos, Mango is going as a hippie (pics to come) and Momo is going on her 3rd costume. First, she was Robin hood (for school), then she was Bellatrix Lestrange ( for a Harry Potter party), and tonight I think she is going to be Tonks (from Harry Potter) OR a Gold Digger (yes, you heard right).

She ain't nothing but a gold digger, she ain't messing with no broke, broke...

Anyways, I will let you all know what she chooses. For now, I only have a pic of her in the Bellatrix costume. Here she is with her friend who is dressed as Harry Potter.

I think Momo's costume came out pretty good though I think she looks more like me in high school than Bellatrix Lestrange. That's my prom dress after all...
We love Halloween around here, or for that matter, any excuse to get into costume.

So on that note, I hope you all dress up and I want to wish you all a Happy Halloween from my weirdo family to yours!
p.s. Momo carved the "Hello Kitty" pumpkin...I think it looks pretty cool don't you?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Seriously folks...

I am back.

I promise.

I am planning to participate in NABLOPOMO starting in two days, and with that I am committing to post on my blog EVERY day of the month of November.

I miss blogging, and think about it all the time...especially when we are driving down the 405 freeway, in the midst of L.A. traffic and Momo asks me things like:

"Mom, how do people have anal sex? I mean, do they like spread their cheeks and rub their buttholes together?"

Yeah, that's my life...and I am gonna share it with you!

Are you up for it?