Tuesday, April 21, 2009

You Better Call Grandma And Tell Her

The other night one of my dearest friends and her daughter surprised us with an afternoon knock on our door.

We were excited to see them and after hanging out for a while we all ended up lounging on our couches munching on goodies and talking about nothing.

At one point Momo got a mischevious look on her face and ran off to my bedroom where I could here here rustling through my bookshelf.

She quickly ran back into the living room and pulling something out from behind her she said:

"I have a very special book to read to you all...It's called..."
Now, it's important for me to preface this story with the fact that my dear friend who was all cozied up on my couch...well, we met back in the day when we were both sex educators, so the arrival of Momo standing before us, insiting that she must read a "sex book" to us was a welcomed and funny sight.

Anyhow, my friend noticed how old the book was and after I told her the book was given to me by my mother when I was about 10 or 11, she said:

"Cool Momo, read us the book!

And boy, did she read it!

It was so funny...Momo, sitting on the coffee table reading then pausing to ask questions of me and my dear friend. Mango and my friends daughter (let's call her Goldie) were listening intently, laughing a lot and occasionally asking questions.

Goldie, having the mom that she does, is also very open to talking about sex, sexuality etc... but by nature she is more reserved and contemplative than Momo and Mango who are the proverbial extroverts. Given their personality differnces and the fact that Goldie is 3 years older than Momo (and about 6 moths older than Mango), it was a given that she would get a kick out of listening to them talk about everything from "does the penis go in and out or round and round" to "why do my friends call semen JIZZ" to "oh, by the way Mom, have you ever tasted it?"


So many funny things were said and many good lessons learned (for one...I learned that Momo CAN indeed make me blush!) but all that aside, one of my favorite things happened after our guests left and I was putting Momo down for bed.

It had been a very long day and Momo was really tired. I was prepared for our typical "Go To Bed" routine...I was not, however, prepared for what happened instead.

After the tucking and kisses goodnight, I was just about to leave Momo's room and she asked me if I had a minute to answer a question. "Just one" I told her and this is what ensued:

Momo: Mom, can a woman have a baby when she is really old?

Me: Ummm...well, women are having babies later and later but most women go through something called menopause when they are around grandma's age. That means that their bodies stop releasing their eggs and they stop having their periods.

About midway through my explanation Momo's eyes had closed. Then she was silent for a moment...


I giggled and nodded...

Then Momo lied back down, closed her eyes and said: You better call grandma and tell her


  1. I love your little girl, even without having met her!

  2. YOU MEAN GRANDMA COULD HAVE SEX ALL DAY LONG AND NOT GET PREGNANT !?! bahahhaha that will be one to remember in your family I'm sure!

    We had that book growing up lmao!

  3. Oh man... that was a Hallmark moment for sure! I swear, you should tape these interactions and sell them as at-home sex ed for squeamish parents.

  4. hehe!! that was awesome... and would i ever love to be a fly on your wall sometimes!!

  5. Excellent! And so can my Mum and I -just don't tell Momo -she might tell our husbands! ;)


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