Tuesday, December 2, 2008


So...as I mentioned a few posts back, my daughter caught wind of my blogging adventures and just yesterday she asked me if she could take a look.
I though about it for a second and this is what happened:

Me: "Sure, but I am not changing anything and you may not like what you see!"
My daughter: "Whatever mom...I just want to look"

So, she looked. Overall she enjoyed the posts and at one point she even said that she liked my writing. Her only qualm came when I was reading one of the posts and I said her name. The kid looked at me in wide eyed disbelief and said:

"MOM...you used my REAL name...UGHHH, that's so creepy...I thought you said we shouldn't use real name on the internet..."

To which I had only one good reply (other than to bang myself over the head like an idiot):

"You're right_ _ _ _ I shouldn't use your real names, my mistake, I'll change it"

You see, I my kids are 14 and 11...a teen and a tween. Totally immersed in the technology saturated culture and I really want them to be safe when using the internet, text messaging, IM'ing etc...

Not that I don't think they will be safe...I mean, my son has four eyes, fuzzy dice and a laser gun and my daughter sports a batman mask and a mean aim... but what can I say, I'm a concerned mom!

Anyhow in an effort to practice what I preach (and watch my kids backs) I have decided to go back and use nicknames for them and my hubby (and anyone else I start to blog about on a regular basis)

Here's the lowdown:

My daughter will be referred to as "Momo"...If you don't know why, see here

My son will be referred to as "Mango"...

Don't ask why...it's an endearing nickname he has acquired based on the SNL character shown in the video below. If you know us, you will get it:

My hubby will be lovingly referred to as "He, who shall not be named" because, well, he doesn't want to blogged about he definitely does not want to be named.

My mom's dog...I will probably still refer to him by his real name (which is Milo) but in some cases I might have to call him "R. Kelly" click here to see why.

Hope you can keep up with (and enjoy) our new identities!!!

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  1. I read a lot of blogs before I started mine, and I picked up from them the convention of nicknaming or initializing oneself and ones' friends. I call my sister "Ditter" when I write about her -- it's family slang for "sister." My brother-in-law is Stretch (he's very tall), and for everyone else I either use initials or give them completely different names.

    Just like you, I leave the animals' names alone. I figure no one's likely to stalk my cat.


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