Saturday, February 21, 2009

Poop the Baby Out

Momo: Mom...when you have a baby, do you like, poop the baby out?

Me: Ummmmm, you mean out of your butt?

Momo: where your poop comes out. (with a very serious look on her face) Someone told me that, but it just doesn't seem right.

Me: Yeah, well... you do not poop a baby out of your butt...a baby comes out of your vagina.

Momo: Like where your pee comes out?

Me: Not quite

Momo: Like the hole behind your tiny penis?

Me: (laughing hysterically) TINY PENIS?!? Wha..?!? (Then I figured out what she was talking about)

Once I regained my composure we were able to wrap Momo's mind around female anatomy and childbirth. As always, it was a fun conversation. I was glad that at least Momo wasn't deluded enough to think that a baby comes from a stork These bedtime conversations with Momo always make me laugh.

Anyhow, just before I kissed her goodnight Momo decided she needed to know just one more thing:

Momo: Mom, what year were you born?

Me: 19_ _

Momo: WHAT! (genuinely shocked) I thought you were born in like..18 something

Me: Gee thanks Momo, that would make me over a 100 years old

Momo: Gosh...sorry, what am I supposed to think mom...I mean, you're like really old

It was at this point that I realized that I really need to get a math tutor for Momo and Mango...'Cause I am SOOOOO not old!


  1. Oh, how I would love to be a fly on the wall at your house once in a while!! LOL!!

  2. i HATE that whole stork story... i will NEVER tell my kids that! tiny penis.... so freakin funny!

  3. Is it wrong that I would rather convince my stepdaughter of the whole stork thing than discuss the vajayjay with her????

  4. *LAUGH* Good stuff! Now I'm looking forward to those conversations with my son.

    P.S. I'm a friend of mommy-momo and just out of curiosity (and chore procrastination), decided to browse around amongst her followers. :)


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