Friday, November 14, 2008

A Peach By Any Other Name...

Momo is the Japanese word for "Peach".

Japan has the most majestic peaches you will ever experience. They are enormous, white, juicy globes of happiness.

These little suckers can be as much as $4.00 - $5.00 a piece (sometimes more) But that is besides the point.

And, there is a point...
I promise.

Anyways, almost every summer my family and I travel to Japan to visit our extended family and friends. As soon as we arrive my daughter begins fiending for momo.

I'm really not exaggerating the intensity with which my daughter loves these Japanese peaches. When we are in Japan, she talks about them daily, eats them as often as possible (sometimes a couple an hour) and searches for them in every grocery store.

Due to her momo obsession, my daughter acquired the nickname Momo-chan or Momoko (which is, in fact, a legitimate Japanese name) and translates to something like "Peach Girl". This name is just so fitting of her, not just because of her love for momo, but also because of her personality, looks etc... I can't really explain what I mean, I guess it kind of gets "lost in translation".

The point: My daughter is the momo and I am the mama, hence Momo-Mama...

BTW, Momoko is is only one of the nicknames that mydaughter has (and it is not the most commonly used). She also goes by Momo, The Bug and more recently Sakura-chan.


  1. Have you read that absolutely beautiful book featuring a girl called Momo--The Umbrella? It brings me to tears every time. Looks like your daughter should practice her Oscar acceptance speech!

  2. I have not read The Umbrella. I will put that on my list for winter reading!

    And Oscar speech may be in order at some point.

  3. cool! i like the story behind your name!
    Mine is because my name is morgan and my nickname has always been Momo. The mommy part is self explanatory :) Nice to meet you!

  4. Glad to know the meaning behind the name! My mom call my little sis "peach" ;-)


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