Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Duggar Food

Do any of you watch the Duggars?

You know, the family with like 19 kids...

Well, I don't watch the show that often, but I have seen it often enough to know that Michelle Duggar (the mom) loves her some casserole.

The scariest thing I have seen her make is "Tater-tot casserole". And it is wrong folks...on so many levels it is WRONG! I, myself, am not a big fan of casserole and Momo detests the stuff (she calls it "Duggar food") so I can just not fathom...

ANYWAYS, Mango and HWMNBN do enjoy the occasional casserole. I attribute this to the fact that my father-in-law is from Kentucky and hence there must be some kind of casserole eating gene being passed down to the men in the family.

I somehow got the I want to be a Duggar (minus the religious fervor) gene...really I did! I think it would be cool to walk around in a prairie dress all day while caring for my 19 children in a huge house in the middle of nowhere, I'm serious...I could see me doing that. I want to hang out with Michelle Duggar and teach our kids how to sew clothes and play the banjo or something. I'm not kidding! Either way, I think this thought makes HWMNBN want to vomit more than casserole makes me want to vomit...but I digress.

Since Momo and I are going over to my mom's for dinner, I made some lovely Duggar food for my boys (in the form of a lovely tuna casserole). I hope Mango and HWMNBN enjoy it because I don't want ANY leftovers!


  1. I'm sorry, but tator-tot casserole sounds absolutely heavenly. I've thought about making it too, just haven't gotten around to it ;-)

    TUNAFISH though - yuck. I cant stand that crap in ANY form! Peeeyewww

    I like the Duggers, for as weird as they are, they are GOOD people and my goodness, those older kids help out SO much!

  2. I LOVE tuna casserole! Many of the others, not so much. I'm wondering .... is lasagna a casserole? I like that, too.


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