Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bird Love

If you haven't seen the Portlandia skit called "Put a Bird on It", you really should check it out.  It's a pretty funny spoof on the hipster obsession with birds and crafting.  When I saw the skit, I thought it was hilarious, and pretty soon I realized that I have a lot of stuff with birds on it.

For instance this owl pendant that I have worn on the first day of work, each semester, for the past couple of years.   The chain is long and the pendant lies just around my bust.   It's great with a boat-neck top or chunky sweater and lucky me, it was a cheapo find at Forever 21... you can't beat jewelry that's under $10!

I also love this little necklace with a bird and anchor pendant... It's so cute and I love the blue stones.  This was another Forever 21 find but unfortunately the chain and clasp on this one are funky and it always ends up tugging at my hair...not fun.  It's an easy fix though, and I need to get on it, because this little birdie is screeching to be worn.

I also have quite a few clothing items with birds on them.

The sweaters are my fave.

I recently found this little pullover sweater at, you guessed it, Forever 21...and there was no way I was leaving without it.

Before I go on talking about all my bird stuff...I must let you know that despite the last three items being from Forever 21, I really. hardly. ever.
shop there!

1:  Because I am no where near being 21

2:  Because I have no
delusions of forever being that age


3:  Because everything in that
store is so dang small

Anywho... Back to the birds.

This cardigan is an oldie but goodie from Lucky Brand that I got several years ago.  I had to repair with a rosette thing-a-ma-jig after I accidentally threw it in the washer but luckily it still looks good and it's very cozy.  Can you see the crane, right smack-dab in the center?  So cute.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, just after eating a big bird and going on a nature walk in which I took a bunch of bird pictures, my brother's girlfriend gave me this bag.  It's the perfect shopping bag from Rickshaw Bagworks.  It has a very pretty screen print of the Bay Bridge in San Francisco (where they live) but the best part is that the bridge is turning into birds!  A-mah-ma-zing!

Much to my family's chagrin, birds have even found their way into my home decor.

Just so you know, I think this is becoming one of those weird obsessions, where I'm not neccessarily looking for bird items, but I happen upon them...and then I have to own them.  It's weird.

In all honesty, my kids thought I had completely lost it when I bought these rooster pillows.

They were genuinely appalled and protested loudly about how much they hated them.  Just imagine a 17 and 15 year old tantruming in Ikea because they think their mom has gone off the deep end as she stuffs 4 chartreuse rooster pillows in her cart.

It was pretty epic.

Just to rub it in, I grabbed a set of these "birds on branches" curtains for the living room.  They are white so they let a lot of natural light in and the print is a fun way to add some texture to the room.

Can you see the birds? I love them.  I also really love the trees and branches...and when I think about it,  I actually have a lot of tree related stuff as well.

Speaking of trees, as I was writing all this down I thought about my Christmas ornaments that I am going to get out this week, and guess what?  I just remembered that I have a TON of bird ornaments and several trees for my house.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Momo and Mama

Momo and I were photographed the other day at our annual Japanese Community Picnic. I can't stop looking at the photo because
1: I actually like the way I look (or at least I am not appalled by it)
2: I can't get over how grown up Momo looks.

Seriously...she seems to have grown up overnight! I love it and it makes me sad, all at the same time.

Last night as I was putting Momo to bed she suddenly started singing Brittany Spears (which is not at all her type of music)...anyhow, she plopped down on her bed, got in her covers then sang out (ala Brittany) "I'm not that innocent" to which I replied "Ughhhh, you better be". It was pretty funny but pretty much captured how I have been feeling lately!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Momo is growing up.
She graduated from 8th grade in May and is really looking forward to Freshman year (which starts next week).

Mango is growing up too...He's going to be a junior this year! Luckily Momo and Mango (and friends) all enjoy hanging out together.

All in all, the kids are cool and so are the dogs...

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cut To The Chase

It's been a while since I have blogged, but I have something to say and I'm just gonna cut to the chase.

The other day after school Momo told me that one of her friends had snuck away with a boy during lunch and proceeded to give him a handjob and let him touch her...down there...


My response (externally): Wow do you feel about that?

Despite my calm external demeanor, thankfully Momo was as distraught as I was internally.

She said she felt sad for her friend, and worried that she would get a bad reputation.

She wondered how her friend could do such a thing even though she has "good parents" then she reflected that though this girls parents are "good", like a lot of other parents they are not ones she could really talk to about things.

She talked about how much pressure there is for girls to do things that they are not ready to do and then said that this was a big reason why she doesn't want a boyfriend.

All in all it was a good conversation. Momo learned more about herself and what she wants and she also got to explore the idea that someday she might feel differently. Ultimately, I was so happy that Momo still feels safe enough to talk to me about anything...and that she does.

We chatted a bit more then Momo went upstairs to do some homework and I went to the kitchen where I proceeded to (externally) do the dishes and (internally) scream GOOD FUCKING GAWD!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!! WHAT THE HELL!!!! YOU GIRLS ARE ONLY IN 8th GRADE!!! CRAP-SHIT-FUCK-DAMN!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sweet 16

Last night we attended the end of the season water polo banquet where Mango received the Boys Varsity Water Polo - Warrior Award.

It is a huge honor as it is the coaches favorite award and reflects the character, commitment and courage of the awardee.

Mango's coach teared up as he gave the award to Mango...he told him that he was proud of him and though he has faced much adversity (being an openly gay high school water polo player) Mango has shown true character and fearlessness...It was cool.So, that was last night...and tonight we are celebrating Mango's Sweet Sixteen!

I cant believe it!

Mango is 16...Dear Gawd....

In case you were worried, he WON'T be driving any time soon.


Monday, November 15, 2010

The Great Straight Alliance

This is going to crack you up...

Mango participates in just about every club he can possibly manage in his schedule and at the high school football game this past Friday he had to work at 3 different booths doing fundraising. I am still not sure how he managed to be at all three booths at the same time, but the social butterfly that he is... He managed.He managed.

Anyways...Mango has been working really hard with a few other students at his school to form a GSA club. They have been meeting and organizing and finally, at the football game, they began fundraising.

Mango was at the GSA booth selling rainbow cupcakes and pride-filled brownies when one of his waterpolo teammates mother walked by. She stopped and said hi to Mango and proceeded to ask him what GSA stood for. Mango, without flinching (because he is out and proud, remember) said that GSA stood for Gay Straight Alliance.
Mango told me she paused for a moment and the old man next to her seemed to freeze.

Mango says it felt tense for a moment then his teammates mother asked again "what was that Mango?". Mango pridefully told her again that GSA meant Gay Straight Alliance to which Mango said, she puffed up a bit and replied

"Oh wonderful mango! The GREAT STRAIGHT ALLIANCE!"


Oh yes she did!

She thought (or hoped) that GSA, the new very active club on campus, was the Great Straight Alliance. This wasn't much of a surprise to me (actually I am surprised that she didn't get mad) because despite living on the coast in California in what appears to be a little slice of heaven with a side of hippie surfer...our town is regrettably conservative (and intolerant).

We have a fundamentalist church in town that is trying to take over and the masses are buying the message (which is wrought with intolerance and contradiction).

Anyhow, Mango told me that he and his friends were stumped by the woman's stupidity. She was happy to support the Great Straight Alliance by buying one of their rainbow cupcakes and as she walked away one of the girls whispered "yeah, that's right...bitch better buy a cupcake"

Which I think was the perfect response.

Friday, November 12, 2010


I failed!


I was so busy yesterday and forgot to post something!!! I actually talked about the fact that I needed to post something, but we were visiting my parents and I just plain didn't have time!

I am so peeved at myself but I am going to try my best to keep posting...

Please let me know if there is anyone out there who will even read my posts!

I try to keep it random and fun...just like these cucumber and salty plum (ume) sushi rolls.