Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Real Tear Jerker...

I spoke with a very dear friend mine today, I'll call my friend "Super-mom" (because she is a fantastic mom to 3 of my favorite kids - aside from my own). In fact, her oldest daughter is one of Momo's oldest and "bestest" friends from back when they were toddlers AND I cared for her 2nd born from the time he was about 6 months until he went off to preschool...

Anyhow, Super-mom has a husband who was deployed to Iraq last May. It was a real shocker to everyone when he got his orders, partly because he is a reservist and partly (I guess) because no one is ever really prepared for the news that a loved one is going to a war-zone FOR A YEAR!

So, Super-mom's husband has been gone for about the last 7 months and the whole family misses him, something terrible. Today, Super-mom took the kids to visit Santa and take some pictures. The kids weren't too excited because as the Holidays approach, they are missing their dad even more and as the time wears on, the missing seems to be harder and harder to handle.

Super-mom told me that her 8 year old son (the one I used to take care of) told Santa that the only thing he wanted was for his daddy to come home. It was painful for me to imagine this little guy, sitting on Santa's lap, looking into his eyes and wondering if...

Super-mom then told me that her youngest (who is about 4) listed a few fun things she wanted then added that, she too, really just wanted her daddy to come home.

The oldest (Momo's BFF) was last to talk to Santa. She kept telling Santa that she didn't really want anything (typical 11 year old, not sure about whether or not she wanted to indulge in the whole Santa thing) but after some prodding she told him that actually, all she really wanted was for her dad to come home.

Super-mom said Santa was really touched... as were his elves...I think everyone was teary eyed at the sight of these three children sitting with Santa and wishing beyond all wishes that their daddy could come home.

It was just about this time that one of Santa's elves told Santa that he had a very special UPS delivery outside, and could he please come out to get it. Santa got up, and told Super-mom and the kids to please wait a moment while he retrieved his special delivery.

Santa was gone for a minute or so, and when he came back in he brought with him...

Super-mom's husband and the Daddy who was so lovingly missed and wished for! The kids were flabbergasted and broke down in sobs and squeals and hugs and love and Santa's magic.

You see, Super-mom found out (just a day or two ago) that her lovely husband had been granted a 15 day "release" to spend Christmas with his family and she planned the very best reunion that I am sure her children (and Santa) will remember forever...


  1. Wonderful post. Glad you put it up tonight. Real "what Christmas is all about" stuff.

  2. oh my gosh that is amazing... i am actually getting teary eyed too! what a great surprise! she should have caught it on video!

  3. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thats so awesome!!!! (deep breath before I actually have a little weepy moment in the middle of work!) That is just awesome! Can't think of any other words lol!

  4. Lisa Paul- I agree...THIS is what Christmas is all about!

    Erika Jean- Believe me, I was a blubbering mess as Super-mom was telling me the story (don't even ask me what I was like when I retold it to my hubby)

    godsrockangel- I love that you're reading my blog at work...that makes me feel a little weepy!

  5. Oh geez...you weren't kidding about the whole tear jerker thing. What an amazing story.

  6. What a beautiful post! And such a beautiful event, too! I get all weepy on hearing stories like this, and true to form I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes making it hard to type.

    I'm so happy for the family. So very happy!


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