Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas in California

A few years back I took my kids to the beach a few blocks from our house in an attempt to take the quintessential "Christmas in California" photo.

Here is the photo that I used for our Christmas cards that year:
I chose this one because both of the kids had Santa hats on and I thought the sky was absolutely amazing.

This one was a close second, but the Santa hats in the first photo won out.

I also like this one a lot. I think it totally captures Momo's spirit. She is naturally funny, always up to some sort of mischeif and frequently adding a perfect punch line to a situation:

This one captures Mango's spirit...He often seems to look right through the camera... into your soul...with eyes that say "I'm too sexy for this beach"...

I was thinking about doing another round of beach photos this year to add to our X-mas cards. I wish I had done it earlier this week because the weather was in the mid 70's and I would have loved the have the kids wear their swim suits with Santa hats...maybe even playing in the water or building a sand castle...

Unfortunately, today was the last of the "good weather" and we are now bracing ourselves for a weekend with "high's in the 50's"... (I know this sounds downright idiotic to those of you who live in truly cold weather) but 50 degree weather in our California beach town is enough to cause a mild panic and the occasional "STORM WATCH" breaking news report... As if that's not enough, as soon as the the minions feel a slight nip in the air, they clad themselves in various weird outfits such as:

-mittens, turtle necks & miniskirts
-Ugg boots, hoodies & super short shorts
-cozy scarves, comfy jeans and teeny, tiny tank tops

Us California beach folk are weird!


  1. What beautiful pictures. Your daughter is a crack up, and your son looks like a deep thinker, a real "soul man." I think you're going to have many young ladies flocking to your house in a few years, because he is stinkin' cute!

    To answer your earlier question, I've run the teaching gamut. I taught both middle school and high school for a couple of years, and I'm just coming off a three year stint at UNR teaching English and the Humanities. I'll be at an Academy for children who are waaaaay smarter than me next semester, so I'm a bit freaked. Do you have any psychological tricks I can use on them? ;)

  2. Hi! Thanks for the note when you visited my blog.

    You kids are really cute, uhmm, make that handsome for Mango. 14 yr olds can be easily insulted, I know.

    I perused a few posts, and I'll be back to read mor later!


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