Monday, December 15, 2008

X-mas Photos...Sans Beach camera has finally seen it's last days...

This is the main reason that I only post old photos...I don't have any new ones! **Hint to "He who must not be named"... if you read this, a new camera is at the TOP of my X-mas list!)

Shameless begging for gifts aside, I was able to get some new photos of the kids, for our X-mas cards this year. As I mentioned in my last post, I had hoped to get the kids photographed on the beach, but since my dad was the photographer (and I didn't want to drag my very busy parents to the beach for a photo session) we settled for their front and back yard.

Despite having to take photos with foliage instead of sand and waves, we got some cute & festive shots. Here's one of Mango, Momo and R. Kelley (note the short, shorts and ugg boots on Momo):
It really is amazing how a photo captures just how much our kids are growing! They seem so much older in these pics than the in the photos from the last post which were taken in 2006 (I think). I a bad mom that I don't know when those old X-mas pictures were taken? Sometimes it's hard to keep track of all this stuff! Kids are a lot of work, and keeping track of their growth is even harder! I generally do a good job of this stuff but at times, I feel like this:
On days like that, we call Mango and Momo "the neighbor kids" and we ask them why they are in our house then we tell them to go home.

Anyways, back to the X-mas photos. This was one of the contenders for our X-mas cards, but I didn't like the way Mango was sitting and the fact that we could see the bottom of their shoes, it just didn't flow well:
So, we went back outside for a re-do, and this is what we got: and...drumroll...
I loved it!!! This weirdo mom thought that this was one of the best pics our weirdo kids took! Needless to say, this pic made it onto our X-mas cards!

So, you see, I can be pretty sure that these weirdo kids are mine...simply because they are just about as weird as me...

Bottom of shoes- OUT
Gimpy looking kids - IN...totally IN


  1. I love the short shorts and California. We're sitting here with snow falling like the dickens (yes, I said the dickens) and we STILL have girls wearing tank tops, mini skirts and Uggs. At least their toes are warm.

  2. You have adorable gimpy-looking kids!

  3. I'm voting for the Gimpy kids. They look like DRunk Elves in Candyland.

  4. Oh...Lisa took my drunk elves comment...darn it! Well, I too love that picture! And least you have a picture to send out, I didn't get one in this year...shame on me!

  5. Ooops. I got a meme today and TAG, YOu're IT!

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