Saturday, November 29, 2008

Milo's Bitch

Every so often, my parent's decide to go out of town, and they ask us if we will doggy-sit their bichon/poodle mixed dog, Milo. We almost always say yes, becasue we love that little guy (we lovingly call him "the boy").

Anyhow, sometime last year we had Milo for a couple of days and my daughter and I decided to take him for a picnic. We got some food and a blanket to sit on, we also packed some water and a treat for "the boy".

After we set up our little picnic spot we began eating and watching:
watching Milo sniff around the food
watching him drink some of his water
watching him ...pee...ON ME!

"Mom, Lookout"

Yes folks, he lifted his furry little hind leg and pee'd right on my thigh! He marked me! In all of my years, I have never heard of such a thing, let alone been subjected to this type of humiliation...I was maarked by an 10 pound fluffy ball of fur...I was then, now and forever marked as his bitch!

Here's a pic of "Momo" and Milo...both looking shocked about what Milo had just done...

My loving new name for Milo is "R. Kelly"...
Here is an homage from Dave Chappelle (as R Kelly):
(sorry, this is the only version I could find w/ the original audio):

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  1. Yup. There is no impressing a dog. I've been pee'd on, barfed on and had a poo deposited right in front of me. That tells you where you rank in the pack.


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