Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Go To Bed...

"Go To Bed" - Three simple words that are:

A. Whispered gently into my kids ears as I tuck them in

B. Spoken softly into a dimly lit room, as I close the door at exactly the right angle (to let just enough light in from the hallway)

C. Yelled up the stairs (20 minutes after lovingly tucking-in said children) at, at least one of the kids, who is making way too much noise to really be asleep

D. Hollered at the top of my lungs (sometime around midnight, when I am still awake, but way too tired and preoccupied with the internet to have better judgement) at one of my kids (who by this time are usually asleep) due to some "creaky-ness" in my house


  1. Hey! Here's your blog! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. You have a beautiful family. Oh, and the answer is E, all of the above. ;)

  2. Too funny! Sounds like my house!

  3. I LOVE that Homestar Runner video. The students either get a kick out of it, or they look at me like I'm a complete weirdo. You mentioned showing it to your students. What do you teach?


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