Friday, January 30, 2009

Weird in Japan

The weirdo's have the day off from school today so we decided to come over to my mom's house to hang out and eat her food (she always has yummy goodness around).

As Momo and Mango sat on the couch enjoying the luxuries of Baba's (that's what they call my dad) big screen TV, I decide to look through my parents picture files.

Lo' and behold, I found two sets of pictures from Japan that I had never seen before!

Did you know that Japanese summers are very hot and humid and there is a rainy season in June with lot's of thunder storms and typhoons(hurricanes)?

We usually go during the rainy season because it is exceptionally cooler than the later summer months...I love August, for all it's festivals, but it is HOT! Like walking in a freaking sauna, drench your clothes with sweat kinda hot. I was looking through the photos, I was laughing at some of the funnier shots, like this one of Momo being her usual weirdo self...dressed up as an old lady and freaking Mango out

Momo and Mango heard me laughing and immediately ran over to the computer to see what I was up to.

Momo got really nostalgic, pulled up a chair and asked me to go through each of the photos while she commented on things she loved or remembered about our last few trips to Japan. She stopped me when she saw this last photo because she thought I looked pretty...Actually, she said "Wow mom, you looked young..." Then she touched my cheek and looked at me in disbelief.

Thanks Momo, I will take that as a compliment, I think...

Mango, on the other hand, was not as nostalgic as Momo. Instead, he went into total "Queer Eye" mode and began dissecting his fashion choices in each photo...I think he almost fainted when he saw this outfitAnd I had to remind him that he was at the beach, getting ready to swim, and that his outfit was totally acceptable under those circumstances.

He looked at me and said "Mom...I totally have to go back to Japan so I can dress really well (translation: "fierce") and everyone can see me".

Vain much. Mango? Geez!

But again, I digress... I wanted to show you photos of Japan, not just my weirdo kids...but this post is getting much too long so I will end with this lovely pic of Momo, Mango and I at a temple in central Tokyo. I love this photo...the depth, the smoke...We got a lot of really good pictures that day.

I have so much more to share...lot's of food and temples and even our trips to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea...


  1. What fun the pictures are! Momo's old-ladyness cracks me up! I can tell that Mango is a lot like my son. The picture of him looks completely normal for a teenager, but my son, like him, would have said, "why did I dress like that?" Funny!

  2. Don't you love finding old photos! They bring back "new" old memories. Love it!

  3. amazing!! and that is exactly what my 14 year old son would have said about his older outfits too :)

  4. Great pictures and thoughts on your time here! That temple is the one in Asakusa right? I take all visitors ther!

  5. Lynilu- Momo is always dressing up as my grandma's house she has a field day with all the hats and costume jewelry!

    JAM- Yes, I love finding old pics!

    Maggie May- Mango is the biggest fashionista I know!

    Kimono Karen- Yes! The temple is in Asakusa. I actually hadn't been there in years because it is so touristy, but my kids really loved it, I'm sure we will go back this year again...


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