Saturday, January 17, 2009

Public Humiliation = Great Discipline Pt. 2

A fellow blogger commented on my Public Humiliation=Great Discipline post, the other day, by saying this:

I know this works! It always worked on me! My mother had this awful pair of bell bottoms and would threaten to make up some excuse (pretending I had forgotten my lunch... that sort of thing), which would give her the opportunity to wear the awful bell bottoms inside my junior high school (late 80's-early 90's) in front of EVERYONE. GASP! This was often a threat when I refused to clean up my room.

I don't have any kids, but when I do... I have a lovely velour leisure suit from goodwill that is just waiting to be put into action.

I love this post. Thanks for letting me reminisce!

Sweetie Pie reminisce...I really do hope that is what my kids do when they grow up. Reminisce vs. "work through their traumatic memories" of me publicly humiliating them.

Speaking of memories, Sweetie Pie's comment cracked me up and reminded me of another funny Momo incident which happened just a week or so ago.

I know I have mentioned the oh so "Beach Town California" habit of wearing short-shorts with Ugg boots and I know I have shown proof of this...
But what I have failed to tell you is that Momo has been cutting her shorts...really short.

On a side note, Mango has been teasing Momo about her shorts with uggs and she has retorted with "well at least I don't wear a jacket with no sleeves" i.e. the new vest (seen in the picture) which Mango is in love with.

Anyways, Momo's shorts have been getting shorter and shorter and shorter every time she walks down the stairs. Seriously, the other day, there was a little cheek hanging out!
I mean, I know that the kid is a volleyball player, and is used to really short-shorts, but the denim booty shorts are just NOT cutting it!

Of course, we would never let Momo out of the house in these appalling denim panties, and I really don't think she is trying to be sexy (she just wants shorts like all the other girls have) but nevertheless, she really likes her short shorts and she has had a few meltdowns when I have told her that she MUST change.

She cries and stomps and throws clothes around her room. She tells me I am evil and mean and that I "just don't understand style". It really is a bit heartbreaking (and annoying when we are in a hurry).

So the other day, when Momo came downstairs in too short shorts, I asked her how she would feel if I wore her outfit to the mall. I also asked her what she thought the people at the mall would think about me (and her) if I wore her outfit. Momo really seemed to get it and she decided, all on her own, to change.

When she came back down the stairs, I told her she made a good choice then I told her that next time she wears super short-shorts, I'm going to cut off a pair of my jeans...REALLY short... and wear them to pick her up from school.

Needless to say, Momo donated all of her too short-shorts to the Goodwill. And now I will have to deal with the Karma of passing my booty short problem on to some unsuspecting thrift store shopper...

You just can't win!


  1. I love it! She is a wise girl, for sure. You've obviously done a good job raising her to listen and think .... even if it doesn't seem so at times!

  2. That's awesome. Like I said before, I'm totally saving these tidbits to unleash on my child(ren) when he's old enough to be embarrassed by his mother.

  3. Great idea! I should keep that in mind with my 9 year old stepdaughter. She's not into the "too short" thing yet, but her idea of matching is to pull out random things and let God decide. God's fashion sense is lacking, so next time she puts the orange plaid skirt with the pink striped shirt... I know what I am going to wear to her next school event!!!

  4. Hahaha. Sometimes I feel lucky I had a boy. My mom used tp publicly embarrass me... but not for discipline, or on purpous.


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