Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thousand Words Thursday

Cheaper Than Therapy

Last week I learned about a really great thing called A Thousand Words Thursday over on Cheaper Than Therapy. The idea is that we all have pictures that we stumble upon in our files that take our breath away, make us laugh, make us cry etc...

They are pictures that are "worth a thousand words" and on Thousand Words Thursday, we can choose a picture to showcase on our blogs...

I really like the idea and decided to participate last week with my Fatness post.

As soon as I participated last week, I knew exactly which photo I wanted to share this week.

This here is a pic of my wacky, weirdo kids: Mango and Momo. It was taken in Japan Town in San Francisco about 2 or 3 years ago...look how small the weirdos look!As usual, Mango looks like he is wondering why he has to hide his fabulousness behind a big board (the kid is totally vain, I tell you!) He never passes by a mirror without primping, it takes him a hour to get just the right outfit and style his hair, and last night while eating dinner he said:

"Mom, I know I have nice eyes, and people stop me all the time to tell me how beautiful they are, but do you like the color?"

I told him to quit fishing for compliments about his looks because he knows he's "fierce".

Momo, on the other hand, is making her usual attempt at being the center of attention. She is a funny kid. Really great comic timing for an 11 year old, she always seems to know just the right thing to do or say to make people laugh. in this photo, I think she was just trying to look like a cat...

I think she is FREAKIN' ADORABLE!


  1. Isn't it awesome having kids you actually like? Very cool.

    And cutie kids, but don't tell them I said that! :D

  2. Great shot, and yes your son is going to be a heartbreaker, funny he already knows it!! ;)

  3. I was going to email you, but found that you don't have your email addy posted. I'm trying to remember the old look to the blog, and the memory is vague. But I do like this one. It is light and easy feeling to me. I like the colors. Sorry I can't make a better comparison for you. Old people and their fuzzy memories! LOL!

  4. I like this blog format, too! I am working ona new one and now I wish I had this one.

  5. How fun! Our kids love getting their pictures taken with these board things. They look like they had a great time.

  6. They are both darling! Those picture board thingys are so fun. Welcome to ATWT!

  7. You are too funny. Thanks for the Tweet. Oh, and if you want to talk workouts, email me! (

  8. Your weirdos are absolutely adorable!

  9. What a fun picture! They are both adorable.
    (I'm following you from Jen's Cheaper Than Therapy)


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