Tuesday, January 20, 2009

As predicted I was a "Blubbering Mess" as I watched the inauguration this morning.

I wept with pride, hooted with hope and cheered with excitement as I watched the 44th President make his amazing speech.

Something that I find really uplifting is that Momo and Mango (who are 11 and 14 respectively) are just as excited about Obama's presidency as I am.

Mango wore one of his Obama t-shirts today which resembles this great one from cafepress He was hopeful that his U.S. history teacher would allow the class to watch the ceremonies and he made sure that I recorded it on our DVR.

Momo, on the other hand, was conspiring to convince her P.E. teacher that it would be much more relevant to the kids in her class to watch the inauguration than it is to play dodgeball. Good thing the inauguration wasn't during her Sex Ed Class because I know she wouldn't try to get out of that!

Anyways, I feel good about this new era and I believe that change will happen and that my kids will have more opportunity to be really proud of being Americans.

And that's really what matters.


  1. I join you in the positive hope for this new era. What an amazing time to be alive. It is cool that your kids (and my grandkids) are old enough to "get it." I wish I had the ability to give them my experiences over the past 64 years, to help them understand just how momentous this really is. Like most people my age, I never thought I'd live to see this, and even a year ago I said it wasn't likely to happen. I'm so, so, so pleased it has!

  2. I wish my kids were older. My stepdaugher is kinda involved, but the boys have no clue. I hope they realize the importance when they are older.

  3. It is with sad news that I tell you of the passing of Mad Asthmatic. A friend of Emma's (MA's real name) asked if I would get in touch with her blogging friends. She passed away this weekend of a heart attack. If you would like any additional information, please send me an email. There is a thread on auk (asthma site)

    http://www.asthma.org.uk/applications/discussion/view.rm?post_id=46897 and people are writing condolences on her facebook page.

    sorry to be the bearer of this sad news.


  4. I really wish my kids were older so that they understood the importance of it all. I tried my best. It was a good day.

  5. Since I live in the area, I got to go. I couldn't see much, but I was there. The energy was amazing! I'm so hopeful for good things to come! It is awesome that your kids are sharing in that excitement with the rest of the country.


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