Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hold On Mom...I'm Going to Kill Someone

My Parents had a little Superbowl shindig today.

Momo, Mango and I showed up at their house, right around half-time.

We had planned to go earlier, but just before we left our house, Momo decided to remember that she had a little bit of homework that she needed to do...

Unfortunately, Momo's "little bit" of homework turned into two and a half hours of me sitting around wondering whether or not I still wanted to make the drive to my parents house, especially since HWMNBN wasn't planning on attending the party with us (none of us are real football fans and he had some things to do around the house).

Anyhow, as soon as Momo was done with her homework we piled into the car and drove the 20 minutes or so, up the coast, to my mom's house. Half time was just about over and my dad was so sad that we had arrived after some 3D commercial that he thought was really great.

He had gotten tons (and I mean stacks) of 3D glasses for the event and he proudly showed me some pictures he had snapped of the party goers all wearing them.

Needless to say, Momo and Mango really wanted to see the commercial (and wear the goofy glasses) so after the game was over my dad informed the kids that he would rewind the DVR so they could watch it.

Mango got his 3D glasses and made a bee-line for the couch but Momo was so caught up in some computer game that she didn't hear my dad calling her over.

I went over to her, tapped her shoulder and said, "Hey Momo, your Baba is putting on the 3D commercial for you, go over and watch it" To which she replied "Ok...Hold on mom, I'm going to kill someone"

Apparently she was successful in her murderous game, and as soon as she made her kill, she picked up Milo and posed for this pic


  1. ok... maybe im a dork-- but i gotta get me some of those 3-d glasses.... lol

  2. LOL! What memories that brings back to me of my kids being glued to video games in the 80s. It was SO important to finish this level or kill that monster or whatever electronic crisis the were currently facing!


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