Saturday, November 22, 2008

Woe Is Me...

I failed...

I was so into this Nablopomo thing and I totally forgot to blog yesterday. I thought about it in the afternoon and told myself I would do it in the evening, but we didn't get home last night until after 9:30 and I was honestly wiped out from hanging out with a hyper, swooning, screaming group of 11 - 14 year olds (at the Twilight movie).

We had a great time at the movie, but I really don't recommend it for anyone over the age of 17 (unless you have read the books). I got totally into it (pretending to be one of the crowd) and my 14 year old son was mortified when I joined in the hooting an hollering whenever the heartthrobs (Jacob and Edward) entered a scene.

Anyhow, I just realized that I forgot to blog and I'm really mad at myself...Oh well maybe I will write two today to make up for it1


  1. Oh no!! I almost blew it yesterday, too. We went to Sly's for dinner and I was barely sober enough to write a post when I came home.

    Jackson really wants to see Twilight but is it too scary for a 7 y.o.?

  2. I don;t think it is too scary, actually their is very little violence (just a bit fighting and a bit of blood at the end) actually it is pretty heavy on the teenage romance...he might get bored of that. if you guys want to see it, my kids want to go again so let me know!

  3. Sheesh! A lot of typos in the last comment!

  4. I'll call you, maybe we can all see it over Thanksgiving!


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