Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mama was a Punk Rocker

I think I was about 6 or 7 years old the first time I saw a punk rock/new wave girl. I was in some sort of grocery store or drug store and I thought she was just the coolest person ever. I distinctly remember her pitch black, asymmetrical bob and wild makeup. Shortly after seeing her, I got my hair bobbed (though not nearly as cool as hers).

A couple of years later, my uncle took me shopping on Melrose (in Hollywood) and I encountered a whole slew of exciting people...the guy with a bright purple mohawk, the death rock girls in all black, and some posh new wave characters. These experiences were the seedlings for my teenage infatuation with wild hair, great music, and exploratory fashion...

Here is a picture of me (I'm on the right) and my friend Becky (in the Prairie Dress). The creepy guy in the left was someone we met that day.

I guess it is only natural that my daughter would want to dye her hair, knowing that mine has been every color of the rainbow... The nice thing about it is that for a 6th grader, she has got some pretty killer taste in music...

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