Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Faves

I just learned about a fun contest over on another blog called Barking Mad. Click HERE for more info.

Basically, the idea is for me to share my own favorite posts from my blog (which happens to be something I have wanted to do anyways) and in the process I could win a $250 Target Gift Card!

Anyhow, here are my absolutely favorite posts that I have written thus far. Some are funny, some are tear jerkers, and all of them give you a little insight into our weirdo lives.

Enjoy! Oh...and by the way...let me know what you think. I'd love to know which of these is YOUR favorite post!

1. Mom, What's a Sex Shop?
A glimpse into how we handle "sensitive" topics like sex, condoms and wet dreams

2. Mom, They Called Me An Atheist
When kids question religion...what would you do?

3. Did Mesopotamia Stink?
About a school project gone bad...real, real bad!

4. Like Funky Without the "F"
A homage to my little brother...the greatest 23 year old uncle in the world

5. Public Humiliation=Great Discipline
My take on always involves public humiliation!

6. Public Humiliation=Great Discipline Pt. 2
More words of wisdom on how to create future therapy issues for your children

7. I Heart Japanese Food"
Mouthwatering photos of some of my favorite foods

8. Cry, Cry Baby
A funny picture of Momo and some killer "Japanglish"

9. Uncle Do You Have A...
A little post about Momo's never ending quest for knowledge...about anatomy!

10. A Real Tear Jerker..
A sweet story that'll make all you big babies cry

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  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog the other day. I just sat down and went through your blog and yeah totally loving it. I just added you to my RSS feed so I can keep reading! :)


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