Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thousand Words Thursday

Cheaper Than Therapy

I don't like to post pictures without a supporting story to go with it, but I am strapped for time this morning so I am going to share this pic with you then ask you to go read my last post "Mom, They Called Me An Atheist"...please take a minute to read it, and let me know what you think!

Momo, circa 2005 Japan.


  1. Is she playing and air guitar? What a cutie. Happy ATWT!

  2. Randi- She is, but she woould like you to think that she is a scary goth doll.

    Lynilu- I agree!

    Evolving Mommy- Yes, she is playing air guitar...she was happy that the Yukata (summer kimono) fit her so well...

  3. I love that kimono, it's beautiful!

  4. That's it, I'm never reading your blog again, you Zumba lover! He he...

    It totally looks fun, but I couldn't call it a workout and feel good about it. I'd call it a fun Friday night instead. Plus if I'm gonna be shaking my buns like that, I'm going to need a drink in my hand. ;)

  5. what a cute pic! She looks like she is having fun.

  6. You've been unusually quiet lately. Everything OK?


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