Monday, June 29, 2009

Tired...So, So Tired

That is how many steps we took yesterday..I am sooooooooo tired today.
I wasn't able to blog last night because I could barely walk.

We spent the day in Roppongi and Ginza, two very hip exciting areas of Tokyo.
My mother is an artist and she has a piece in an artshow in Roppongi at the National Art Center.
The building is really amazing...After we left the show, we walked around Roppongi.

Something I love about Japan is how you can walk amidst super high tech, high rise buildings and in between stumble across so much history...

The little alleyways with old structures, and the temples...these are some of my favorite things.
I like journalistic photography...natural, unposed, spontaneous. But Mango likes it when I say "hey Mango, stop here and smile" that way he can get his "pose" on!

Don't worry Momo, the restaurant is close!
We had lunch in Roppongi at restaurant called Gonpachi. It's most famous for the fact that the famous fight scene from "Kill Bill" was filmed inside.
It has a really cool atmosphere and great food which I will tell you about later!
Next, we went to a very pretty place called Roppongi Hills where we cooled off by the fountain, gazed at Tokyo Tower and...
Took a picture the giant spider alien from War of the Worlds.
After a quick hop on the train, we ended up in Ginza which is a very wealthy and beautiful area to browse and a great place to shop if you are filthy rich! Mango was in heaven!
Momo had a chance to pose with one of her favorite Japanese Characters, Peko-Chan...when she was little, she looked just like her!
There was a lot more to our day, like walking through a tunnel that looked liked Japan from 60 -70 years ago.

It was really cool inside (I'll show you more of that later too!)And before heading home on our super, super, super crowded rush hour train where we were packed like sardines into a time train car that had to be at least a 100 people over capacity, we stopped at this little shrine to give us strength and so Mango could pose.


  1. When you're as cute as Mango, it is OK to pose frequently. Jus' sayin'.

    I love the pictures!

  2. wonderful pics... i almost feel like i get a tiny piece of the journey just through you guys! keep having fun...


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