Saturday, June 13, 2009

Stuff We Call Life

Life has been BUSY!

Really busy

There have been Volleyball Tounaments to win

Swim meets to dominate

Birthdays to celebrate

Pool party's to swim at

End of Year dances to attend

Awards to accept

Graduations to attend

And now...with the last day of school behind us...

we are on vaction count down.

Tokyo, here we come!


  1. Oh my! You are right, very busy indeed!
    Just wanted to make sure you had gotten my Eden's Fantasy prize. You should have received an email with a code to redeem it. Hope you had a great few weeks. We missed you :)
    Enjoy Tokyo!

  2. I hope you don't get bored without all that! Well, after Tokyo, of course. Sheesh! You all have fun!

  3. I hear that! Busy sucks. This week is my first week with nothing on the calendar except a play date. Ahhhh.......

  4. well... i do believe you guys have been a tad busy... you all better slow down at least a tiny bit, it is summer by the way! lol and i love those socks in the first pic!

  5. Holy crap, you have some good looking kids. Momo seems like a down to earth kind of chick, but seeing her all dressed up is super cute. Have a fun vacation!


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