Sunday, June 28, 2009

Slip and Slide

Did you know that June is rainy season in Japan?

I did, but that didn't stop me from wearing my favorite flip flops when we went for a walk today...IN THE RAIN!

It really wasn't that bad when we started off...

just a light sprinkle.

Walking through my grandma's neighborhood with the fresh smell of rain was actually quite beautiful.I loved looking at all of the Japanese style houses...imagining which I would love to live in.

I particularly liked this one...the wall, the height, the green...

Momo commented on how quiet Japanese neighborhoods are.

Then she proceeded to talk (loudly) the for the rest of the walk and I told her that neighborhoods were no longer quiet.

Like I said before, the light sprinkle was really nice and added some ambiance to our journey.
On the way home, however, it rained hard.

So hard that my umbrella failed me and despite holding it over my head the whole way, I was soaking wet.

Dripping hair-soaking wet.

And my flip flops became my own personal slip and slides.

I didn't get any pics of that part of the walk.

I was just trying desperately to walk upright, not break my leg and get home...

According to my pedometer I walked 9,688 steps...
Too bad there wasn't a way to measure slips and slides.


  1. Beautiful neighborhood! I'm getting rain, too, but not like you are!

  2. I love those houses how pretty!

  3. what a beautiful place... but also sounds to me like ya'll are getting some major exercise!

  4. Lynilu- Rin in Japan is nothing like the rain where we come from feels more like a hot shower than anything else!

    Roxane- Aren't the houses pretty? I love them!

    Randi- We are getting way too much exercise...I'm not sure I am happy about it!


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