Saturday, June 27, 2009

Of Bib's and Barbeque's

It's Saturday night here in Japan and we just came home from a very delicious and fun dinner.

We had something called Yakiniku ortherwise known as Korean Barbeque.

The fun is in the way the food is presented and prepared...

You order all of your meats a veggies raw, then you cook them in front of you on a small bbq pit that is built into the table.You also get rice and soups and salads and many other interesting side dishes to go with your flavorful bbq meats.
To make it even more exciting (and less messy), this restaurant also gave out bibs...

Momo and Mango both enjoyed wearing their bibs and a few food stain disasters were averted due to how they covered the wearers lap...

I really think I should get Momo and Mango to wear bibs more often...

Or maybe just Mango seeing as he didn't wnat to take his off!

Stay tuned for more of our Japanese adventures...I'll be posting more shortly!


  1. Now, those bibs make sense! I always hated that drips would hit the bib and simply run into my lap. Butter and lobster spring to mind. Smart folks, the Japanese!

    That sounds like a delicious meal. Now I'm hungry! Apparently, it is time for lunch!

  2. My PB&J sandwich is just not going to cut it today after reading your post!

    Love the bib idea!


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