Sunday, April 5, 2009

Peace Be With You

Why is it that I cannot have Peace?

I am not asking for a lot

I don't ask for Peace all the time...

I don't even expect Peace all the time...

I'm a simple gal and I only really want a little bit of Peace in my life...

Just a moment or two...

In the bathroom!
I mean, seriously...with the way that Momo and Mango stalk me outside of the bathroom door you would think that I had a dayglo toilet and a graffiti wall for them to draw on...

I remember back when Momo was a toddler and she would often enter the bathroom with me. I didn't mind and neither did she. It was actually a bit cute to watch her play with toys or hold a conversation with me as though I were not ermmmmm "busy"...

One time we were at Nordtrom's in the women's lounge and of course I brought Momo into the stall with me. She was talking and looking around then she paused, looked right into my eyes and in her cutest, high pitched, chipmunk baby voice she said: " poopin?"

It was cute...back then...

But I thought that by 11 and 14 years of age this business would stop.

Not that Momo and Mango join me in the bathroom anymore, but I thought they would get the point that when I enter the bathroom, it's my time...

Oh boy have I been wrong.

Sure, they let me slip away, get comfortable, pick up a magazine...

Then of them is at the door asking benign, unimportant questions that they need answered RIGHT NOW or one of them is yelling for me from another room, for no apparant reason, other than to sabotage my PEACE!

I will sometimes ignore them or plead with them to leave me alone and every time this happens, Momo and Mango take it upon themselves to then yell..."MOM"S POOPIN---Leave her alone"

And I swear there is nothing else that could ruin your Peace than the thought of the entire neighborhood knowing your business...

I mean COME ON!

The only rememdy I could think of was to tell Momo and Mango that the next time they bug me, come to the door, yell out for me etc when I am having some ALONE TIME...I am going to make them come in and join me.

We'll see how it works, but in the meantime

If you ever see my weirdo's...could you please ask them to give me a freaking minute of PEACE!

I need it!


  1. I'll do that for you, if you do that for me!! Don't you know, moms need to be available EVERY MINUTE!

    Stop by if you get a chance, I'm having my first giveaway.

  2. Oh that must be so annoying! If you lived in NJ I would let you come over and have all the alone time you need :) yup that's what bloggy-friends are for!

  3. Just keep telling yourself that they will be gone, out of the nest, before you know it, and you will sorely miss them then. Yeah, keep telling yourself that!

  4. hee hee...your pacific northwest co-worker finally got a chance to sit and read...and loved it! Made me laught (where did you get the toilet pic?) and also remember vividly of sharing one bathroom with 5 family all growing up! Yep, one on the pot, one in the shower, one brushing teeth...not uncommon. Have you read "5 minutes peace" ? A kid and adult book i love it!

  5. Lol I love you threat of having them come in. LOL

  6. hehe.. so funny! ridiculous isn't it? though i have no kids yet... my husband decided that while im poopin is ther PUUUURR-FEECT time to discuss something serious with me! seriously!

  7. PEACE be with you!! I hope.


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