Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sesame Gaga

When I was little, my mom got a lot of inspiration from Sesame Street.

She took me to the beach and let me feast like cookie monster.She dressed me like Ernie (ala Ernie and Bert) and stuck me in a box like Oscar the Grouch.
And as I got older, she let me express myself in my "death rock" garb in homage to The Count (that's me in the lower left...don't laugh!)
Anyways, my weirdo's have their own sources of inspiration that influence their actions and attire.

You see, they Vogue like Madonna.
And, mad dog like Billy the Kid and Annie OakleyMango, of course, is an aspiring Abercrombie Model and we all know that Momo is a total rockstarI mean, just the other day she dressed as Lady Gaga for school...
And she totally rocked the look.


  1. I LOVE the Lady Gaga pic. So fab. At least she's not wearing the cigarette glasses from "Telephone."

  2. hha I like the Lady gaga as well! ;-)

  3. Fun! I'm glad your kids like to have fun for the camera!

  4. simon benoit courrier3p@yahoo.caJuly 28, 2010 at 7:26 PM

    Swine Flu and Pig Love: I bought that stuff pig 10 year ago in Tokyo and now I need to find a replacement... what was that toy store ??? My little girl really need a new pig, please HELP !!!

  5. Simon Benoit: I will email you ASAP. The store was Kiddy Land in Harajuku. Good luck getting a new pig!


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