Sunday, January 3, 2010

Abercrombie Model

Mango wants to be an Abercrombie model...
Tell him he has pretty eyes and his response will be:
I know...

Tell him he has an awesome tan and his response will be:
It's natural

Tell him he has a great body and his response will be:
Yeah...I work outI'm telling you, the kid is vain...

His self proclaimed nickname is:
The Hotness

Good thing we can now add one more title to sir Hotness...

He ia a total Gleek !

So...Happy New Year from Sir Hotness the Gleek and the rest of us weirdos!


  1. Well .... Happy New Year to Sir Hotness the Gleek and his loyal court of Weirdos!!!

    Psssst. He is a cutie, but let's not tell him and make it any worse than it already is!

  2. Lol!

    I could see him on a shopping bag.... but unless they have tamed down their catalog in the last 5 years(last time I looked at it) ... you DON'T want him being a AC model!

  3. Hey Momo Mama! Whatcha been up to lately?


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