Monday, December 7, 2009


Remember the story I told last year, about my friends whose husband came back from Iraq and surprised the kids when they were visiting Santa at the Mall?

You can read the story here

Anyways...the father/husband in the story has been redeployed (just before Thanksgiving) and will be gone for another 11 months.

This really makes me sad...and angry...

And wishing those kids would have their daddy here for Christmas this year...


  1. I agree. Every daddy and mommy should be home with their kids. Christmas and every day.

  2. totally agree... my hubby was in the army, and deployed to Iraq.. he says that if ALL American people had any CLUE to what goes on.. all American soldiers will be sitting in their home where they belong...

    just because I respect EVERY soldier does NOT mean i support every decisions made of the soldiers.. and i don't either..


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