Friday, October 30, 2009

Where Oh Where?

Where Oh Where...Have I been?

1. I have been BUSY
I have been to volleyball practice with Momo 3x per week
I have been to many games and tournaments with both of the weirdos
I have been teaching 4 classes with 35 students each (and tons of grading)
I have been trying not to neglect HWMNBN

2. I have been LAZY
I have been spending my downtime happily on my couch.
I have been watching the tv (that takes my mind off how busy I feel)

3. I have been HUNGRY
I have been eating (or thinking about eating) a keep my mind off of busy

4. I have been NOT BLOGGING
I have been unconsiously avoideant of my blog for a good 2 weeks and NABLOPOMO is upon me...just 2 days away...I hope I can do it?!?

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  1. it's okay... sometimes, we just all need a break to breathe!


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