Friday, October 9, 2009

Bacon Potato Pie

Mc Donald's in Japan is something of a dream.

Not only are they immaculately clean and amazingly service oriented, they have some great items that we are seriously deprived of in the great ole' US of A.

One of these items (that I dream about from time to time) is the Bacon Potato Pie.
It looks just like the apple pie sold at Mickey D's in the US, except it is filled with a savory concoction of potato's and bacon...HELLO!!!



  1. I am on a diet and the amount of drool this post has caused could become hazardous to my computer's health. Please post warnings in the future.

  2. Oh my goodness... how much is a flight to Japan? Or where can I find the recipe? Like RIGHT NOW?

  3. oh my! when i first say the title of the post w/out reading anything else... a little voice in my head was saying "DO NOT. I REPEAT. DO NOT READ THIS POST!!!"... but i did anyhow... and now. before. i. die. i. must. have. this. pie. please!!

    have a wonderful wkend!!

  4. Lawdy, that sounds good! Bring some back to us next time, OK??


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