Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Thousand Words Thursday

This is probably my favorite picture of my little brother and I...
Though he is taller than me now, he still warrants the title "Little Brother" due to the fact that he is approximately 9 years younger than me and at least 70 lbs lighter.

It has always been that way...the many pounds lighter and years younger, I mean.

We often joke that we look like the number 10 when we walk down the street together...he, with his tall thin stature, beside me, with my short body and gigantic hips and behind.

Honestly, what the hell does he need a killer metabolism's really not fair!

This photo has a really cool angle, a gigantic Buddha and one of my favorite people in the world by my side and the fact that it doesn't really show our major (body) disparities makes me love it all the more.... yeah, I love this pic (and my little brother) a lot!

Cheaper Than Therapy


  1. beautiful pic, and wonderful that you treasure your relationship with your brother so! happy atwt!

  2. I love the description of the two of you as a 10.

  3. That is a picture to treasure for many reasons. Love it!


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