Sunday, August 9, 2009


Ever since Mango was a little boy, we have thought that he looks like a monchichi.

He has grown out of it a bit recently, losing the baby fat, getting taller and changing his hairstyle...but every time we see one, we still think of Mango.

Anyways, one day during our recent trip to Tokyo, we were strolling down the street and lo'and behold, I saw monchichi's...
I told Mango that I had found his ancestors.


  1. Oh my Goodness! I had one of those as a kid and could not remember the name of them at all! Thank you for the memory :)
    ps. I see the resemblance lol

  2. Funny how we get nicknames or notation of characteristics. When my son was born a couple weeks early, he was all belly with skinny little arms and legs for the first few days. My husband looked at him and said, "He looks just like a little toad!" Poor child was called Toad for several years. It was said affectionately, of course, but still .... "Monchichi" is probably better!

  3. I got so excited when I saw your post title because I once knew a possum named Monchichi. Mango is way better looking. Especially after my dog ate my Monchichi.


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