Thursday, August 25, 2011

Momo and Mama

Momo and I were photographed the other day at our annual Japanese Community Picnic. I can't stop looking at the photo because
1: I actually like the way I look (or at least I am not appalled by it)
2: I can't get over how grown up Momo looks.

Seriously...she seems to have grown up overnight! I love it and it makes me sad, all at the same time.

Last night as I was putting Momo to bed she suddenly started singing Brittany Spears (which is not at all her type of music)...anyhow, she plopped down on her bed, got in her covers then sang out (ala Brittany) "I'm not that innocent" to which I replied "Ughhhh, you better be". It was pretty funny but pretty much captured how I have been feeling lately!


  1. Bittersweet .... the growing of our children, their maturing into individuals separate from us, and even the act of becoming the strong, independent persons we want them to be is slightly offensive to our parental genes.

    I understand.


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