Friday, July 3, 2009


I saw Fireflies tonight for the first time in my life...
It was really beautiful.

There was a very light rain while we walked through the perfectly manicured Japanese garden. The air was warm and damp and the earth smelled wet and fresh.

The only thing missing was my hubby, HWMNBN...
Unfortunately it was too dark to take any pictures once the fireflies were out.

For that reason, I am really glad that I took some pics before the sun went down.

On our pre-sunset walk, we saw Koi fish,
Two weirdo kids, being silly with their uncle,
Some waterfalls,
A pagoda from the 16th century,
A pretty entrance to a noodle house,
And a very old watermill,
After walking through the garden and before seeing the fireflies, we were treated (by my grandmothers dearest friend, Chono-san) to a very wonderful buffet dinner at the 4 Seasons Hotel.

The dinner cost over $100 per person and it was totally worth it. We ate everything from sushi to noodles to the most succulent beef...

Momo even ate GOLD...
She insisted I take a picture of her eating the gold flakes that topped her chocolate cake...too bad she finished the cake before i could get my camera out!


  1. I love fireflies! I wish they were everywhere, but alas ....

  2. beautiful pics!! and i cannot believe that was the first time ever seeing fireflies!!! but im glad you got to.... its sorta magical to me!

  3. Hi Roxane,

    your trip to Japan looks fabulous, i'm glad you read my post about the creep on the beach, "your" beach! haha! But really isn't that awful?

    enjoy the rest of your holiday, is that the Coastal View i saw?

    x lori


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