Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This One and This One

This one...she's a real firecracker!

She is always full of life...And she is always up to something...usually it's something funny...
Most of the time, it's something weird!Now, this one...he'd like you to think that he is the quiet, reflective...pensive one But he's not...He's just a bit "slower to warm" than the other one...It takes him a minute to "get into" whatever we are doing but eventually he comes around...And on rare occasions, they find each other...And if they are on the same page...Well...it's magic!


  1. Oh, I love that! And yes, those moments are magic!

  2. They are far too attractive and fun. If I didn't like you, I'd hate them.

  3. they are both beautiful... but even other than that... what happy happy kids you have... and that is a wonderful thing!

  4. They look like such cool kids! I want some LOL

  5. Beautiful post! Beautiful kids!


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